Animated Video for Khan Academy: Conventional Implicature

University of North Texas 2022-present

LING 4070:    History of the English Language

LING 4410:    World Englishes

LING 4950:    Senior Capstone

University of Minnesota Duluth 2011-2021

LING 1811:    Introduction to Linguistics

LING 2600:    Language in Society

LING 3101:    Phonetics and Phonology

LING 3202:    Language and Social Media

LING 3103:    Semantics and Pragmatics

LING 4802:   Applied Linguistics

WRIT 1120:  College Writing

WRIT 3160:  Advanced Writing for Social Sciences

University of British Columbia, Vancouver 2008-2011

ENGL 321:    English Grammar and Usage

ENGL 229a:  Pragmatics

ENGL 229b:  Language in Society

ENGL 110:    Approaches to Literature: What Is Said, Meant, and Understood

Yale University, Teaching Assistantships, 2005-2007

ENGL 170:     The Canterbury Tales (Professor Lee Patterson)

LING 108:      Structure and History of English Words (Professor Laurence Horn)

LING 112:      Historical Linguistics (Professor Dianne Jonas)

LING 149:      Language Abilities in Animals (Professor Stephen Anderson)